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This was forwarded to me, and I thought it was interesting.
Not sure of the accuracy but...
Think for yourself,
don't let the liberal media brain wash you, your family or your friends...

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You cannot deny the simple physics of the following--remembering these principles could very well save your life and the lives of those you love...

Happy Motoring


Driving in the rain or other slippery conditions ... we all must do it from time to time.   But using your cruise control on wet surfaces is extremely dangerous.

The danger of using cruise control on wet roads is REAL!

As you probably know, hydroplaning occurs when your tires actually lose contact with the road and begin skimming over a thin sheet of water.   When this happens, your wheels spin wildly with zero traction!

The only way to stop this wheel-spin and maintain control is to immediately reduce power.   However, an activated cruise control system will continue to apply power, keeping the wheels spinning.

By the time you disengage the cruise control - by tapping the brake or turning it off - you have typically already lost control.

The real safety key is to avoid hydroplaning entirely!   How?   SLOW DOWN in wet road conditions!

Posted speed limits are for dry road surfaces.   Hydroplaning STARTS at speeds as low as 35 mph, and at 55 mph you could be riding entirely on a sheet of water!

This coming holiday means heavy road traffic.   If you're planning on traveling this holiday - or at any time - follow these two simple, but life-saving safety tips ...

When the road is wet ...

1.   Turn off your cruise control.     And

2.   SLOW DOWN and drive safely.


In God We Trust....
and GOD Bless Americans,