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We've ridden there and back!
We've ridden there and back.
Saddle Sore 1,000 in 24 hours
We made our Saddle Sore 1,000 miles within 24 hours in Novermber, 2007.
We were notified March 22nd, 2008 that our documentation had been approved
and our Iron Butt certificate was going to be on the way.
Click on the Saddle Sore pictue at the left to get to the Iron Butt Association website."
IBA #33232

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Forums / Clubs

Steve Saunders Goldwing Page
A great site to find information on your Gold Wing no matter the year. Also a wonderful forum to join.
Welcome to, your one stop for all your Honda GL1800 information. We have 16502 registered users

Riding on the Darkside
Welcome to the home for all the fellow motorcycle riders and a special place for those willing and able to run on the Darkside. Come in, sign up, enjoy and share your stories, pics, jokes and anything motorcycle related.

Delphi Forums - Riding on the Darkside
A forum dedicated to the discussion of the using of DS tires on motorcycle cruisers. Here we talk about, prove and disaprove different tires for different bikes. Here we learn together what works and what doesn't.

GL1800 Owners Group Forum Riders Rally
Run by riders, for riders - and made possible by donations from our members.

A great site to find information on GL1200 Gold Wings. A wonderful forum to join with friendly people.

Bikers Planet is the premier online spot to find info on motorcycle touring, travel, accommodations and accessories.

Motorcycle Tourer's Forum AR
Must-Do Roads in Arkansas.

Arkansas Biker Information
Welcome to ABI. We want this to be your information hub if you are a motorcyclist riding in the State of Arkansas.

Motorcycle Trailer Towing
This is a Forum for all bikers who tow trailers to have a place to share information. Those looking for information about towing a trailer with a motorcycle are welcome. Critical reviews by members of customer sevice from vendors is allowed if honesty is maintained. Vendors are welcome and encouraged to respond. We ride all brands around here and all types of riders and their preferences of brands are most welcome.
Gold Wing Touring Association
Destentation, Friendship .

The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum
Sharing Motorcycling Experiences and Dreams .

American Gold Wing Association
AGWA is a Family Oriented Organization and Membership is considered to be a Family Membership, not an individual membership. When you join, all members of your immediate family, that live in the same household, are also members and have all of the rights and benefits of membership .

Arkansas - GWRRA
South Central Region H. - Gold Wing Road Riders Association - Ride With Pride.   Also has informative forum.

Missouri - GWRRA
Region "E" Missouri District, Chapter "T" Joplin, Missouri.

This website is made to give the Goldwing fan information about his own great motorbike, including all the spin-offs from that motorcycle as for instance the Honda Rune. .

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA)
Welcome to GWRRA ...the world's largest singel-marque social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing & Valkyrie motorcycles....

Wings On The Internet - WOTI
Wings on the Internet is an international motorcycle touring association based entirely on the Internet. It's very informal -- there are no directors, officers, or chapters. Rides and events are organized by volunteers, and there are no membership obligations, dues or fees. While the majority of members own Honda Gold Wing motorcycles, anyone with an interest in touring or motorcycling is encouraged to join. WOTI is centered around an email

Honda Riders Club of America
The Honda Rider Club is an outlet for Honda owners to find information pertaining to their motorcycles.


10 Year Rule!
Honda shops that will not work on anything older than 10 years old!!! VERY SAD BUT TRUE! Imformative site.

Honda Motorcycles
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - Motorcycle Division

Kirby Supersports
Was "Honda of Chanute" Located in Chanute, KS. A better price on a Gold Wing you will not find! I got both of mine there.

Heartland Honda
Located in Springdale, AR.

Neosho Powersports
Located in Neosho, MO. We are here for you Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-7:00pm & Saturday 8:30am-6:00pm. Starbucks Coffee. Hotdogs on Saturday till noon!

Action Honda
Located in Bentonville, AR.

Home Pages and Information

Chris' GoldWing Website
My goal is to build a comprehensive web site full of information about the Honda Goldwing. Listings will include links to vendors that offer new and used parts and accessories, repainting, pin striping and much more. I also plan on building one of the most comprehensive tips and tricks sections out there.

GoldWing Webring
The GoldWing Webring links quality sites related to GoldWing and Valkyrie Motorcycles assisting enthusiasts to share their enthusiasm and knowledge. The ring welcomes any site with relevant information about Honda's GoldWing - from the classic GL1000 to the awesome six cylinder Valkyrie.

Gold Wing World **
Welcome to GOLDWING WORLD, your one-stop site for all the "tribal knowledge" of the 1200, 1500 and 1800 Honda Gold Wings that, as well as a few tidbits about sport bikes, my personal life, my history and ongoing fight with Cancer (still alive in 1/2006, judged stage 4 in Jan 2004) and some of my other favorites such as my dogs, my artwork, digital photography, camping etc.
Newsletter, pictures and other stuff about riding.

Mike's Goldwing
I'm Mike Polk. I live in Round Rock Texas with my lovely wife Mary Lou. I am a member of AMA and GWRRA. I've been riding various motorcycles for 44 years. My first Goldwing was a 1980 1100 Interstate. I purchased a 2004 White Honda Goldwing. I sold my 98 Kawasaki Concours and my 95 Aspencade. After several trips I decided that I was too partial to the comforts of the Goldwing, but I loved the handling of the Concours, so I bought the new Goldwing. Comfort and handling! The Goldwing is by far the most comfortable bike I've experienced. My lovely wife Mary Lou, definitely prefers the comforts of the Goldwing.

Motorcycle Specs
Honda GL 1200 Gold Wing Aspencade SE-i.

Honda of America Mfg. Co.
1980 Honda announces plans to establish an auto plant at Marysville, Ohio. Marysville Motorcycle Plant launches production of the Gold Wing GL1100 motorcycle. A History.

Long Distance Riders, It's not the destination, It's the Ride. Welcome to the home of LDRiders. Through this site and the mailing list we hope to be able to help your Long Distance Motorcycling experiences become safer and more enjoyable.

Long Distance Riding
Long Distance Riding (LDR) on a motorcycle is not for everyone. In 1997 I visited the LDR List and quickly got hooked on the challenges, stories, and information contained therein. I became a member of the Iron Butt Association (IBA) after completing my first SaddleSore 1000.

Texas Wingz Entrance
Scooter Tales, Info, Links, And Good Ol Boy Stuff

Wingman26 Index Page
-Gold Wings-Motorcycle Touring- Technical pages for Gold Wings.

Events / Trips / Magazines

Backroads Motorocycles, Travel & Adventure
Motorcycle Tour Magazine

The Mother Road Rally
Ride 66 & Experience Heaven in OH Seven!

World 66; The travel guide you write
Find travel info: Take it with you: Update it when you return:We like to travel. We think travelers are your best source for travel information. That's really what World66 is about. Writing the best travel guide possible together.

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